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Script to Make Anchor Links Work Within Accordions

I found a lot of suggested solutions online to this problem, but none of them worked for my purposes, so I wrote this. Hope it helps others…

   /*except for the minimize and maximize links, add special class to all anchor links*/
        if (!$('a').hasClass('maximize' && 'minimize')) {
        $('a[href*="#"]').attr('class' , 'accordion-anchor');
        /*wrap accorion header-content pairs*/
        $("#accordion h3.ui-accordion-header").each(function() {
        $(this).nextUntil("h3.ui-accordion-header").andSelf().wrapAll("<div class='accordion-pair'></div>");
        /*Add script trigger to anchor link*/
        $('.accordion-anchor').each(function() {
         var target = $(this).attr('href');
         var header = $(target).parents('.accordion-pair').find('h3.ui-accordion-header');;

If you need to see my html markup to parse this, let me know in a comment. My markup is the standard accordion.js structure so I think this will make sense to many of you without the markup.

Hide Those Drupal Node Edit Tabs!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have your node edit tabs (view, edit, manage display, etc.) without having them push your layout down 50-100 pixels? Well, good news: you can!

This is how the node tabs normally look (with my subtheme styles). Not even close to what my normal visitors will see..

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 10.37.50 PMThis is what I’m going to show you how to do in this post…

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 10.29.30 PMYou can get a better sense of it from this short video.

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The Power of CSS3 Pseudo Class Selectors

Though not fully supported in all browsers, CSS3 pseudo class selectors are really powerful and exciting. I’ve been using the basic CSS pseudo classes (e.g., a:hover) for ages, but I’ve only recently started using other pseudo classes, particularly the position/number-based ones.

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How to Style Responsive Omega Subthemes

A few people have asked me how I made the new gench site responsive, meaning its layout adjusts depending on the width of the browser or device. You can see it in action here by simply resizing your browser window (or flip your mobile device from horizontal to vertical or vice versa).

Part of the answer is that I created a Drupal subtheme based on a responsive theme (Omega – but there are others). This is taking care of the actual media queries that create the various sized layouts or “breakpoints.”

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Font-awesome’s Handy .icon-rotate Classes

Please Note: This example was based on version 3.2.1 of the font-awesome library. I’m not sure when this occurred, but the current version of the font-aewsome library  (4.0.3) has changed all the class names for their icons. The example in this posting will work with version 3.2.1, but if you prefer to use the most recent font-awesome library, you should substitute the word ‘icon’ in class names with ‘fa’

For example, in 4.0.3, you would use…

<i class="fa-play fa-rotate-90"></i>



A commonly desired feature on websites is an expanding/collapsing list, with a rotating arrow button.

I want this feature on both the gench FAQ and album review pages, and I want the currently expanded section to collapse if another section is expanded or if the currently expanded heading is clicked on again.

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