Wow – Just Wow!

It’s true what they say about the fastest way to get out of a funk is to help others.

I’m volunteering this week to teach a group of tweens Drupal. We had a blast yesterday – what a great bunch of individuals.

None of the students have prior site building experience, but by the end of our first day, each of them had created their own Drupal 7 site. They spun-up their own dev sites on Pantheon, installed 3 modules, created content and new content types, created page and block views, learned how to use blocks and mastered menus.

I followed the syllabus from Chapter 3 which is really well done. The community center has a terrific lab so each student has their own workstation and drupal site.

This class is sponsored by the Rotary Club and other community organizations. I found out about it from organizer Jack Ha whom I met at one of the Bay Area monthly Drupal meetups.

Tomorrow I’m teaching the group how to create their own subthemes and we’ll take a deep dive into styling.

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